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CCTV & Home Security

More and more people are having a small camera system fitted to the home. Where once the price for high quality was only available to the commercial sector or very wealthy individuals, nowadays the affordability is allowing every home to benefit from having CCTV cameras! You can have a simple one camera install, however if you need a complex commercial system we can help there too. No job too big or too small!

Our systems are from Hikvision, the largest and most reliable CCTV organisation worldwide. The cameras are very high quality and the recording box (DVR or NVR) second to none. All your cameras can be viewed and recordings played back on a smart phone, tablet or computer, or from the recorder directly with a connected monitor for your complete flexibility.

If you are looking to have a system installed we will come and discuss your needs, look at the property you wish to look over and draw up a plan and a quote for you to explore. We take into account the style of cameras that will look best, the type of cable fitting required and type of recorder you may need. This is highly specialist so it’s important to get the right advice.