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Smart Multi Room & Home Networking

Smart Multi Room means having the ability to watch a Smart TV or other Smart device in as many places as you want! Home Networking is often the distribution of both your aerial signal and internet service. The aerial signal carries all your standard freeview channels and then from your main router, either by hard wiring (Cat5 or Cat6 standard) or a WiFi hotspot, comes your subscription service such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV and others such services like BBC iPlayer, YouTube etc…

Children often want their own channels in their bedrooms and parents may prefer to have the option to watch different programmes that are broadcast at the same time, especially when the sport is on! Multi Room helps take the pressure off who’s watching what and when and with Catch-up TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime and other on-line services widely available it’s important to know you have good WiFi as well everywhere in the house (or garden!) and even hard wired for extra stable connection!

To achieve these outcomes you require a modern aerial and distribution amplifier with cables to the reception points you want and decent internet connectivity where you’d like to access on-line services.

If you are or planning to re model your home or property such as re-wiring or are building an extension to your house we can work with you and maybe your electrician in the early stages to plan the best way to achieve a neat and highly functional system. Mostly your electrician will be running the cables for your system and we usually come nearer the end of the fit to install the aerial, amplifier, network system and terminate the cables ond points.

It is however possible you may already have a functioning system and all you need is an upgrade or repair so that everywhere in the house gets good quality reception… we can do all this and more with complete flexibility to work around your needs!